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Touch Face Auto Makeup Device



Touch Face makeup applicator a new and innovative makeup product that flawlessly applies your facial creams and foundations just like the professional makeup artists do it. Say goodbye to brushes and sponges and hello to your new glowing complexion.

Outstanding Innovation in Makeup Application

The Touch Face makeup applicator is a battery operated hand-held device that, unlike it competitors which simply vibrate, this applicator flawlessly applies your foundation with a gentle duel shift patting system. The advantage of theTouch Face applicator improves your skin ability to absorb nutritional facial creams and impeccably applies your foundation. With 5000 automatic gentle pats per minute you will experience less waste and better coverage.



The Touch Face comes with two types of disposable puffs, called the Jelly Puff and the Marshmallow Puff. The Jelly Puff applicator is a silicone puff that helps your skin quickly and easily absorbs nutrient-rich lotions and creams onto your skin. The soft Marshmallow Puff applicator gently covers up blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles, and minimizes pores, giving your make up a perfect and glowing finish.


Outstanding Features of the Touch Face Makeup Applicator

  • Long Wearing Cover Ability
  • Compact and Lightweight for On-the-Go Coverage
  • Hands-Free Sterilized Applications Minimizes Bacteria and Mess
  • Quickly and Flawlessly Applies Makeup in about 1 Minute
  • Attractive and Comfortable to Hold and Apply with Ergonomic Design
  • Applies Makeup Evenly

Outstanding Quality And Value

Touch Face Makeup Applicator is higher-quality than its competitors with its twin shaft technology that provides flawless long-wearing coverage; in fact the coverage is so natural others may not even realize you have makeup on, but that you just have a flawless complexion!


Priced at a value that you can afford, theTouch Face will provide quick and comfortable coverage without any mess to your hands and nails. Our ongoing promotional discount will allow you to purchase your Touch Face Makeup Applicator today!